Who Should Be May 2022's Doll of the Month?

Based on the feedback I got in the AGDN survey, I decided to do Doll of the Month instead of Doll of the Week! Instead of a rotating schedule, these dolls will be picked based on fan vote.

The first week of a month would be the vote week, the second week would be the reveal of the winner of the vote, the picture switch and a little bit about the doll's personality and time period, the third week would be the doll's story, and the fourth week would be the doll's collection.

For May 2022, the three choices for Doll of the Month will be dolls with birthdays in May and representing different decades! Will the Doll of the Week be Luciana Vega, representing the 2010s, Kit Kittredge, representing the 2000s, or Samantha Parkington, representing the 20th century?

Vote here, and I'll see you next Monday for the reveal of May's Doll of the Month!

P.S: You can comment theme ideas for future Doll of the Month polls here! I was thinking a summer theme for June's Doll of the Week, so I could feature dolls with summery themes.

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