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Who Voice Acts In American Girl's Official Stopmotions?

I've been interested in voice acting for a while, ever since I really got into Miraculous Ladybug in 2016 and wanted to learn about the voices behind the characters. That led to me falling in love with Sailor Moon, having an anime phase in eighth and ninth grade, and even going to conventions to meet my favorite voice actors- something that I still do! (My mom and I are even looking into becoming pro voice actresses... stay tuned for that!)

While I'm a little sad that there's a convention in town that I'm not going to because of the Covid surge (I REALLY wanted to meet Sailor Jupiter's voice actress... *sad face*), that had me thinking... who are the voice actors behind American Girl's official stop motions and videos? Most of them are uncredited, but there must be some information about them online... right? So I decided to surf the Internet to find out who exactly are the voices behind American Girl's YouTube videos.

First, the easy ones. For Courtney's stop-motion movie, the cast was credited:

  • Courtney was voiced by Giselle Fernandez, who has worked on projects for Mattel and MGA Entertainment.

  • Tina and Sarah were both voiced by Claire M. Corlett, a voice actress who has worked on projects such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the Barbie movies, and the anime Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life. (Also, do any of the people my age on here remember Dinosaur Train? She was Tiny the dinosaur! Major childhood throwback.)

  • Kip and Justin were both voiced by Leigh Joel Scott, who mainly voice acts in video games.

  • Not a major role, but Captain Parsec and the newscaster were both voiced by Alejandro Saab, who is a voice actor who plays multiple parts in Miraculous Ladybug!

Now, I dug deep on the Internet for the rest of the actors!

Joss's series:

  • Sofia and Reina were voiced by Giselle Fernandez, who also voiced Courtney.

Dolled Up:

  • Amber Lee Connors voices Olivia, Just Like You 88’s character. She is a prolific anime voice actress, so I was actually pretty shocked that she was Olivia! I can hear it in her voice, though.

  • Summer McCusker voices Kim, Just Like You 90's character. She mainly does theater work but also was the voice of a Google Fiber commercial.

  • Courtney Lin voices Alissa, a minor character. She also voices Corinne Tan!

I couldn't find any from Kira's series.

Travel Twins:

  • Aneesha Dubois voices Makayla. She has done commercials for Nickelodeon.

  • Tiana Camacho voices Michael. She has been in various video games and anime and also was in Chuggington (another major throwback!).

  • Miracle Pelayo voices Lily, a ballerina. She once guest-starred on the Nickelodeon show Bella and the Bulldogs.

Corinne's series:

  • Courtney Lin voices Corinne. She has worked on projects for the Nickelodeon YouTube channel, Alissa on Dolled Up, and a role in the English dub of a Thai drama series, Girl from Nowhere.

  • Suzie Yeung voices Gwynn. She has done tons of dubbing roles, including parts on anime series like Demon Slayer and Jujitsu Kaisen, as well as the popular Chinese video game Genshin Impact.

  • Caleb Yen voices Corinne and Gwynn’s biological dad. I was surprised to learn that he was the voice of the villainous black market dealer Cash in the Miraculous Ladybug Shanghai special! He also did background voices in the English dub of the popular Korean Netflix show Squid Game.

While we're at it, I also found out that the singer of the song from Courtney's music video is named Megan Vice! She is a singer that posts songs on YouTube.

Another fun fact that I found while Internet-surfing that I couldn't keep to myself: Kira Buckland, the voice of Alix/Bunnyx in Miraculous, was the voice of an American Girl commercial!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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