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Who Will Be The Girl of the Year 2024? My Theory

It's crazy to think that 2023 is almost here... and that 2024 will be the year after! But I know what you all are thinking. "Sydney, we know barely anything about Kavi. Why are you talking about 2024?" Because I do know something about 2024's doll.

Back in December 2018, I went to a scoliosis therapy program in Pennsylvania, and while trying to distract myself during a particularly painful exercise, I came up with a theory about Girl of the Year 2020. I thought about all of the dolls that had released during Summer Olympic years in the past- McKenna being a gymnast, Lea going to Brazil- and figured that GOTY 2020 would have something to do with the Olympics. The Olympics didn't end up happening in 2020 due to Covid, but surfing was planned to debut that year, and Joss was a surfer, so my epiphany from 2018 was correct!

Why am I bringing up a four year old theory, you may ask? 2024 will also be an Olympic year, so that means 2024's doll will probably have some sort of Olympic connection. The Olympics will be held in Paris in 2024, so she might have a Parisian theme like Grace did (2024 is 9 years after 2015), or she could be a gymnast like McKenna was (12 year gap between 2012 and 2024). And if AG wants to try something new like they did with Joss, climbing and skateboarding will be new categories in 2024.

What do you think, AGDN readers?

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