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Why (Probably) The American Girl World By Us Dolls Don't Have More Things

Despite the World By Us dolls debuting last September, they were quickly overshadowed by the time 2021 was over by other dolls. Excluding their two Harlem Fashion Row outfits which were available for pre-order in September, Makena, Evette and Maritza didn't get anything more in their collections since they debuted, and they only have accessories and their community center.

While it is a bit disappointing that American Girl released three new dolls only to not provide much of a collection for them in their initial release and after, I believe I might know the reason why.

The World By Us dolls were only conceived in the summer of 2020 after calls for companies to diversify in light of the Black Lives Matter protests, and they released in the fall of 2021. If the World By Us dolls were thought of in June 2020, then only a year and three months passed since the idea for the dolls and the release of them.

It was important to have the World By Us dolls out as soon as possible due to these calls for diversity and to provide more representation in the American Girl line for underrepresented groups, but it would be hard to create 3 entire collections for dolls in 15 months without rushing it. Gabriela McBride's collection was created in less than a year, and it ended up being similar to previous Girl of the Year and Truly Me collections. American Girl probably wanted to have the dolls out quick, but not have a rushed collection for them.

However, it's been almost a year since the World By Us dolls released, and we haven't gotten anything new for them. If a normal timeline for dolls were followed with the WBU dolls, they could have released with a full collection this summer. Hopefully this means we'll be getting more things for them soon!

P.S: I took my SAT yesterday, so it's officially summer for me! This is the summer before my senior year, which is really exciting.

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