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Why The American Girl Corinne and GOTY 2023 Movies Will Not Be Cancelled- From A Filmmaker

I got an email from AGDN reader Raine concerned that the new American Girl movies for Cartoon Network and HBO Max, including Corinne's, will be cancelled and left unaired. Some of you may know this, but HBO Max's parent company, Warner Brothers, was just bought by the Discovery company, that is making significant changes to the programming on HBO Max, including cancelling the releases of completed HBO Max kid's content like Scoob: Holiday Haunt.

Seeing this would make people worried, especially if they aren't familiar with filmmaking, but filmmaking is my specialty- when I'm not blogging and hanging with my dolls, I am directing, screenwriting, watching movies and figuring out how to navigate Hollywood to get my own movies made. I check the film news site as religiously as I check the American Girl official site, so I am familiar with Warner Brothers's situation: and know that Corinne's movie and the other 2023 movie will be safe.

Essentially, the movies and TV shows that are being cancelled are exclusive to HBO Max and wouldn't be shown anywhere else. American Girl's movies are also for Cartoon Network and will be shown on the channel before premiering on HBO Max, so they are safe considering they aren't HBO Max originals and are premieres for Cartoon Network.

Additionally, Cartoon Network and HBO Max aren't involved in actually making the the movies. Mattel and the company MarVista Entertainment are making them. Cartoon Network and HBO Max are just distributing it- or making it available for consumers to watch, for all of you normal people who aren't filmmakers.

A lot of times, independent production companies make a movie on their own, and then sell it to a distributor so it can be shown in either theaters or a streamer. This is a common approach: recent instances of this happening in theaters include Paramount's Paws of Fury and Lionsgate's Fall. American Girl adopted this approach for these movies, and just sold the rights to air it to Cartoon Network and HBO Max. If HBO doesn't want it anymore, Mattel can buy the rights back and sell it to another channel or streaming service so we can watch it!

In conclusion: don't worry, guys. One way or another, we're getting these American Girl movies.

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