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World By Us: Maritza Sold Out

Today, the Maritza Ochoa doll sold out. It has been confirmed that Maritza is no longer available.

If you need Evette Peeters or Makena Williams for your World By Us collection, make sure to get them before they sell out!

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24 oct 2023

rip maritza! she's my favorite world by us girl! :/

on a happier note, this reminded me to finally order evette's book! now i'll have all of the girls' stories! :)

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23 oct 2023

It looks like Maritza is retired since products that are sold out don’t usually come back.

Me gusta

Oh, no!!! Does that mean World By Us is retiring? It's been only two years!

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Contestando a

Why do you think people HATED the line? They wanted diverse characters! Make up your minds! Some people think nothing AG does will ever be right!

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