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Hi, it’s Anna. I need your HELP on two things.

HELP!! 1: We need to stop BeForever. FAST! BeForever comes out in 23 days, and Ruthie’s petition only has 35 signatures. Ruthie and a human friend’s Marie Grace are DOOMED, as in DUNGEON. The DUNGEON of the AG ARCHIVES. NO! If you want to help than comment your name below or email your name, then our owner will add your name to the petition, OR to D.I.Y, go to

HELP!! 2: Info is revealed on next year’s GOTY, and we don’t want Isabelle to go to the DUNGEON, and we also want Kailey, our owner’s sister’s BFF’s doll Marisol, Jessa from GOTY Studios, Nicki, Chrissa, Nali from Basilmentos, Lanie, Kanani, Sydney’s friend McKenna and Saige to escape! HELP by signing this petition:

Thanks for HELPING!


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