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Since there was barely anything new on Thursday, I’m assuming that wasn’t the real summer release. But I dug up some details about the real summer release. June 19 is the day it will happen, as revealed in a news story featuring American Girl. Here’s all the things that I know will come out (sources probability, Amazon and the Terms of Use for the Truly Me contest) I’ll update when more leaks come in.



  • Activity book called Baking with Grace

  • The outfit from the 3rd book cover

  • A sightseeing accessory set

  • A hairstyling set

  • A few T-shirts and accessories for girls

Truly Me

  • New school desk

  • New science fair set

  • Lunch set

  • Recess outfit (plus matching one for girls)

  • Sport bench

  • New basketball outfit

  • Dinner set

  • Sweater outfit (plus matching one for girls)

  • Extras collection (double braided headband, hairstyle tools, socks and leggings set, beanie)

Are you excited?


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