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Doll Detectives With Grace #2!

Turns out the rumors about another animal lover are debunked because we have details about GOTY 2016’s movie! Her codename (not her real name) is Gemma! It can be a code name for Gabriella or Harmony Ellington. In audition videos, the three girls auditioning for the part of Gemma look like this:

  • Lillie Imm- brown hair, blue eyes

  • Avery Hayes- brown hair, blue eyes, freckles

  • Anna Smith- blonde hair, blue eyes

It is probable that she will have blue eyes, but if Lillie or Avery get picked, they’d probably dye their hair another color because I have brown hair and blue eyes. And you can’t have the same features two years in a row! Here’s the plot: Gemma goes on an enterprise/excursion with her family and Zack who is currently meeting expectations in Africa (south). He has a side occupation which is to find infringement by associations that are disturbing common sources and nature. He keeps this side employment a mystery for reasons unknown and just tells Gemma. His principle employment is helping creatures. Zack has new sweetheart named “Paula” and is making Gemma feel like the unnecessary extra person wheel and envious in light of the fact that he’s not paying consideration on her any longer and she’s not by any means the only young lady in his life. Gemma is managing more seasoned kin disregard and all the progressions that happen when the couple begins to quit fooling around. Things go down slope much further when her sibling just vanishes with no tracks abandoned and all Gemma knows is about his side occupation. The inquiry is will she educate everybody concerning his side employment or will she keep it to her self?

That’s all we have so far. Soon, I will post another game of Guess The Fake because now people will probably pretend to leak Gemma and create fake GOTYs to remind people that Gemma might not be real (and she is 50 percent!)

UPDATE (JUNE 15, 2015)

So those people who auditioned probably didn’t look at the description because American Girl is looking for girls with MIXED HERITAGE to play Gemma! Ooh, will that mean the first non-white GOTY since Kanani? Here are the character descriptions for Gemma and “Aki:

Gemma Clark (Clark is probably going to be GOTY’s real last name because Blanche Palmer- Isabelle Palmer): A very pretty, bold, resourceful and dramatic 10-year-old girl with mixed heritage, who is still exhilarated by her first trip to Africa a few months ago—and now she’s returning on a mission to find her missing brother. She’s a writer with a sharp eye for details, which comes in handy on her search. She is not entirely fearless, but does not let her fears stop her either.

Aki: A 10-year-old indigenous girl with light brown to dark brown skin, who helps Gemma in her quest. She is curious and playful with a bright smile yet also athletic and strong. She speaks her native tongue and self-taught English.

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