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New Lea Book!

You know how American Girl released Baking with Grace? I (and you probably did too) thought that Baking with Grace was going to be the only GOTY activity book. No, sir! On the Georgetown Publications (what AG uses to distribute their books in Canada) website, there is a new book listed named Explore with Girl of the Year 2016 (Lea!) It will come out on August 1, 2016. The description says (I'll edit out the Girl of the Year 2016 censoring):

  • Features Lea, Girl of the Year 2016

  • Girls will craft their way through Brazil's most interesting cultural offerings (while learning a few Portuguese words, as well)

  • Crafts may feature a Queen of the Sea Festival outfit, a wish bracelet fence, a barimbau, a nature expedition featuring binoculars, a canoe and a fishing pole, a jungle camping scene, a telescope and jungle hammock, or snorkeling gear

What do you think?

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