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Names that Never Were

I'm making a list of names that AG trademarked a long time ago and abandoned that never came into use.

  • Keitra, trademarked 2002, abandoned 2004

  • Rebekah, trademarked 2003, abandoned 2007

  • Lia, trademarked 2004, abandoned 2006

  • Shelly (hey, I have a #21 with that name!), trademarked 2005, abandoned 2007

  • Diane, trademarked 2005, abandoned 2009

  • Laurette (interesting, cause there's a Lauretta in ASTB), trademarked 2008, abandoned 2011

  • Emeline, trademarked 2008, abandoned 2011

  • Teagan, trademarked 2013, abandoned 2014

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