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Virtual Doll: Nicki

I'm making my dolls 3D now! Here, you can learn more about my doll Nicki and "play" with her. I know I'll do this when I'm on vacation and I can't bring all 30!

Nicki is Girl of the Year 2007. She has light skin, blue eyes, caramel curly hair, the regular freckle pattern and the Classic mold. Nicki was released on January 1, 2007 and sold out on December 13, 2007. She was officialy retired on January 1, 2008. Nicki's story features her living on a Colarado ranch with her dad, her mom who is pregnat with twins, and her little second-grade brother Adam. She can't say no- she has a dozen commitments like skiing with her best friend Becca and planning the annual School Gala with the new rich girls, Kris and Heather. Kris and Nicki are friends by the end of the first book. But when a big oppurtunity to train a puppy, Sprocket, to become a service dog comes, Nicki can't help but say yes. Turns out, training the puppy is a big responsibility! Nicki must juggle all of her commitnents- and might learn how to say no in the process. My sister got Nicki on Christmas Day 2007. We forgot what doll she was until 2013, when I became an American Girl doll fan. Her outfit was what attracted me to knowing that we had her, because the skirt was on Chrissa and the shirt was on Caroline at the moment. The shirt is actually a cream eyelet bodysuit with four funtcioning buttons. The skirt is faux-leather with a belt that is sewn on to the skirt. It is blue with a floral pattern. The boots she comes with are cowboy boots that velcro on the back.

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