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Virtual Doll: Ivy

I made my doll Ivy 3D using Arqspin. Here, you can learn more about Ivy and play with her.

Ivy is Just Like You #16. She has the Classic mold, light skin, brown-black hair with bangs and brown eyes. She is similar in looks to Samantha Parkington, the only difference is that Samantha has decal brown eyes and Ivy has the regular brown eyes. Plus, BeForever Samanthas have feathered eyebrows, while Just Like You #16 and Pre-Beforever Samantha have lined. Just Like You #16 was released in 1995 with the launch of Truly Me (then called American Girl of Today) and you can still buy her today. She is one of only three dolls that you can still buy today that debuted with Truly Me's original launch in 1995. The other two are Just Like You #13 and Just Like You #19. Ivy was our first doll. She was originally my sister Sierra's doll. My sister got her for her sixth birthday in October 2007. I don't remember what day, because I was two back then! I don't know why Sierra named Ivy, Ivy. Ivy loves to do hair and does the craziest styles on everybody. She loves to wear pink and sparkles, so Isabelle's collection is her favorite AG collection of all time! In the 3D image, she is wearing her meet top. Her meet top is from the I Like Your Style Outfit (meet from 2006-2008). The top has purple sleeves with a pink and blue flower on it. It also came with a cheerleader skirt, blue felt boots, a book called "Sparkle, Spirit, Style!" and a CD with a pop song, "I Like Your Style", on it, but we lost those during our Move of 2010. She is also wearing blue flower-print shorts from the Sunny Isle Outfit (2014-2014).


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