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Flowers For Melody Or GOTY '17!

On eBay, I found a bunch of doll-sized American Girl flowers. They aren't released yet. I'm assuming they are for Melody (in her second book, Never Stop Singing, she starts a community garden), but who knows, they could be our first taste of GOTY 2017 (Tenney, Logan, Della or Barbara)!

American Girl Doll: 5 bunches of sunflowers trimmed with a pink satin bow holding the green stems together. There are also 2 rose bunches that have a green plastic stem. Both the sunflowers and the roses are wrapped in white plastic bags with yellow stickers that say Made in China in English and French and the American Girl logo.

American Girl Doll: The sunflower bunch and the rose bunch out of the plastic bag. The sunflower has a black center that is made out of some weird material and is surrounded by 2 layers of yellow faux-paper petals. There are 4 sunflowers in a bunch and they all have a green stem. The sunflowers are held together by a pink knotted satin bow. The roses feature 8 faux petals that are green and 8 faux petals that are pink. The rose bunch is held together by a green plastic stem.


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