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Melody Catalog Shot!

I actually found this photo at school. Newsela, the website that we pick our current events homework from, had a picture of Melody that was her catalog shot! YAY!

American Girl Doll: The Melody doll has brown eyes that open and close, and she has thick shoulder-length black hair with full pie bangs and a "flip" at the end. She comes with a green dress with a blue Peter Pan collar, a dark blue, light blue and yellow plaid pattern, one big bow on the bodice of her dress and two smaller matching bows on the skirt of the dress. She is wearing a blue felt beret-style hat and a red, white and blue pin that reads "Equal in '63 Rights". She is standing next to a red brick building with black and yellow trim, a silver address plate and a silver functional door.

(love times 10)

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