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The Lea movie trailer is out! Watch my phone recording of it here:

American Girl Doll: The top of the movie poster has a red filling with the signature American Girl star and logo in white on it. Below the American Girl logo is a white background filled with assorted images. On the upper left hand corner, there is a circle with green and blue sploshes on the ring. Inside the circle, there is text that reads "Lea To The Rescue", the film's name. On the upper right-hand corner, there is a green cartoon leaf, another cartoon leaf, but in darker green, and a yellow butterfly. In the middle of it all, there is a backdrop of the Brazillian Amazon that is behind the three main characters of the film. The largest character is Lea, the main and title character of Lea To The Rescue. Lea has red, wavy hair, light skin, and hazel eyes, in contrast to the Lea doll's dirty blonde hair and olive skin. Lea is wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a butterfly graphic that is of assorted colors, mostly purple, yellow and green, a pink watch with a pink, black and yellow face, and a colorful tribal-print camera strap. Lea is holding a black camera with a black zoom lens and a white top and bottom. Lea is front and center in the photo. More to the background is Paula, the deuteragonist of Lea To The Rescue and Lea's brother, Zac's girlfriend. Paula has black, straight hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. She is wearing a orange jacket with a darker orange collar and what appears to be purple and green feathered earrings. Next to Paula is Aki, the tritagonist oft Lea To The Rescue and a member of a Brazillian tribe. Aki is wearing normal tribe wear.

Here is the description:

Lea Clark is born for adventure, and her most exciting story awaits deep in the Brazilian rainforest. When Lea's brother, Zac, goes missing while studying the ecology in South America - and she suspects he's fallen prey to a band of ruthless animal poachers - Lea convinces her mom to spring into action. From the minute their plane touches down, Lea's mom wants her to stay safe in the city, but Lea is determined to save both her brother and the endangered exotic animals she loves! Will Lea come to the rescue of her brother before it's too late?

The movie will come out on DVD/Blu-Ray June 14, 2016 and Apple TV/ Netflix/ stuff like that May 31, 2016.

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