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Guessing Games

OOPS! I haven't posted in THREE WHOLE DAYS! Yesterday, I tried to make a time machine so I could leak Tenney (GOTY 2017). But I failed, like I expected myself too. So, I decided to check eBay for stuff and I failed. So, in conclusion, there are no leaks.

But, just so Google can love me and I can be number one on more keywords, I will post my guesses for the next 5 Girl of the Years. On the last day of 2014, I guessed that GOTY 2016 would be a photographer. To sum up my accuracy... Look at Lea!

2017 (Tenney): Some type of DOC (Doll of Color). American Girl has got better with their diversity stuff, with Lea being one-eighth Brazillian and Melody being fully African American. But, it would be cool to get a Asian one, due to there being none in both BeForever right now and GOTY (unless if you count Jess, but she was only half). I also think she will like something like biking, skateboarding, etc.

2018: I think in 2018, we will FINALLY get our GOTY with a disability! I would love Type 1 Diabetes, but any one would have me coming to Southpark Mall at 12:30 AM New Year's Day and camping out to be the first in line to get the doll! She would want to be a doctor someday and make a cure for her illness.

2019: I think 2019's doll will be a musician doll, for some weird reason. We already have Melody as a singer, and 20 million dancer dolls (just kidding, there was only 2)- so I think she should play a instrument. I would love for her to play some type of percussion, but in my wilder than wildest dreams- I WOULD LOVE FOR HER TO BE A DJ LIKE ME! But that would probably be in one billion years. Who cares, I would love percussion.

2020: I think this doll would love karate and be really good at it. If Tenney's not Asian, I think this doll will be. Her big-ticket item would be a karate studio and she would also like to, outside of karate class, make funky bracelets out of her 15 year old sister's old princess wigs. She would start a business selling these and still continue with karate. (Hey, most 9 year olds in 2020 won't remember Grace and you can never have too many entrepreneur dolls)!

2021: I think this doll will like to act (by this point in time, I think Rebecca will be retired) and will be biracial, just like every 5 years now. She could have a dream of starring in a big blockbuster. Then, a film studio magically comes to town and a misunderstanding makes her direct instead of act. But she realizes that she likes directing better than acting! HOORAY FOR FEMALE DIRECTORS! (it's my dream to be a director)

Discussion Question In Comments: What did you get for Easter? And what guess do you hope happens?

My answer 1: I got mostly food, but I also did get a mini Slinky, a stuffed bunny and (the best part) 63 DOLLARS! Right now I have over 100 dollars for Melody stuff when she debuts!

My answer 2: 2018!

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