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Wellie Wishers Animated Series

I posted this a couple of days late because I don't care, but Wellie Wishers are going to have their own animated series made by Mattel Creations. There will be 26 11 minute long episodes for 5 year olds to 7 year olds. I think the target market for Wellie Wishers is good because there is no in between Bitty Baby (aimed at ages 3-5) and the 18 inch dolls (8-108), but I don't really like it as a 11 year old. It follows a group of five friends who, in their colorful rain boots, set out to have fun and adventures. It doesn't say what channel or if it will be online. Now we finally know about the plotline!

Question: What is your favorite TV show? (Netflix and YouTube count)

Answer: I only watch regular TV when Girl Meets World is on, but my favorite TV show, counting Netflix and YouTube, is Cabin 4 by basilmentos.


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