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I won second place in the Google Plus community American Girl Doll Edit's Spring Break contest! WHOO!

This custom edit of a American Girl doll has dark auburn hair, light skin, lined eyebrows and seafoam eyes. She is actually Just Like You 8 edited. The Just Like You 8 doll that was available from 1995 until 2008 had red hair, light skin, lined eyebrows and lazer green eyes. The edited doll is shown in the top of the "I Like Your Style Outfit" which has a light blue crisp front with a dark blue flower design, a purple smaller flower design, a even smaller pink flower design and has a white flower design that is the smallest of all and goes across the pink flower. The sleeves are purple and have the white flower design all over then, except that they are blue. Dolls in this outfit came with a book that was titled "Sparkle, Spirit, Style!' and also came with a CD with a pop song, "I Like Your Style", on it.

My second place winning edit is above. It's of Just Like You 8 with Lindsey's hair color and Caroline's eyes.



PS: A new episode of Me My Camera And Diabetes came out last night!


Have you ever won a contest (both in real life and online)? If so, what ones?

MY ANSWER: I won second place in a art contest back in second grade. I ended up making friends with the winner and we still are friends!

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