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Disaster Dollies: eBay Fails Episode 1

I always am on the lookout for dolls that are Disasters! So, I decided to look some up and post that today.

This Samantha doll was listed for $65 dollars. She had messed up hair, pen marks on her hand and VERY, VERY loose limbs. Plus, she didn't come with any clothes!

This Julie doll and accessories were listed for $105, with the seller describing the doll as "good condition". But, the doll has ratty hair and a retracted eyelash.

And this last Disaster Dolly is a Kanani doll with messed up hair and a funny-looking eyelash. And she is going for a whopping $160 with her swimsuit and book!

OK, that's it for today.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would be the first thing you would do with the Kanani in this post?

Answer: I'd send her to the doll hospital and when she got back, sell her on eBay for 500 bucks. Yay!


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