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But, to get to the point, information about Kailey Hopkins on the good old 'Net is scarce. My reading teacher (let's call her Mrs. B, because we don't want to give away personal information about Mrs. B) has a huge library full of books. She has about 10 American Girl books in her library. There's Felicity's Central Series (except for Felicity's Surprise), Elizabeth's book, Peril At King's Creek (a Felicity mystery), Julie and Kit's meet books, and the reason why I made the title all about her, KAILEY'S BOOK! I read it in January and today I had extra time in reading class so I reread it! And, since information on Kailey on the 'Net is scarce, I am delivering- drumroll, please- AN ABUNDANCE OF KAILEY KNOWLEDGE!

So, this is all you know about Kailey, probably:

"Whether she's spying on tide-pool creatures or splash-crashing through waves on her boogie board, there's no place ten-year-old Kailey loves more than the ocean. She and her best friend Tess feel totally lucky when they find out a resort-mall-movie multiplex is "Coming Soon!" to their beach. TWELVE movie theaters. Cool shops. A snack bar. Maybe even bathrooms! Then Kailey learns the whole truth: developers plan to haul away the rocky tide pools to make a smooth, sandy beach for tourists. Messing with a whole tide pool universe, and all the creatures who live there, is just plain NOT OKAY. Kailey's got a great idea, but she's never tried anything like it before. If she can believe in herself and make it work, there might be hope for the tide pools yet."

Her idea? OK, ready Internet? Set?

Kailey goes around in public asking people to draw the tide pools to convince Luther Drake (the head on the Commercial Cove Resort : Phase One (the proposed resort that will wreck the tide pools)) that the tide pools are worth saving. Later in the book, Kailey and Tess set up a booth that people can do drawings at for a mystery prize raffle.

List Of Characters That I Remember:

Kailey- Obviously! Everybody knows who she is.

Tess- Kailey's best friend. She is a movie addict and likes to go to the beach with Kailey. She breaks her leg from a rock at the beach. Tess doesn't like crutches (which leads her to being in a bed for like, 2 chapters), but when she gets involved in the booth, she is more active and even goes to Kailey's meeting about them.

Mrs. Hopkins- Kailey's mom, who is a marine biologist. Her co-workers donate 4 packs of pencils and 3 packs of paper for Kailey's drawing protest/contest.

Pete Hopkins- Kailey's dad, who is a artist. His mural is up in a local diner. Mr. Drake is a fan of his work and asks him to do 88 paintings and 2 murals for the Commercial Cove Hotel, before and after Kailey saves the tide pools.

Mandy- Kailey's friend.

Destiny- Kailey's friend.

Chloe- Kailey's friend. Her mom owns a hair salon, and Chloe gets people in the hair salon to draw for the tide pools.

Jeremy- A florist. Jeremy always gives Kailey a purple iris when she visits his store. Jeremy gets his customers to draw for the tide pools.

Julia- A waitress at Kailey's favorite resturant. Julia is the son-in-law of Mr. Drake,

Joe Hong- A cashier at Fish King, a fish store. Mr. Hong is the first person to tell Kailey that the new development will get rid of the tide pools.

Luther Drake- The head of the planned Commercial Cove Resort. He has two kids, Daria (who is three) and Theo (who is two and a half). When Mr. Drake was a kid, he used to love the tide pools, which makes him decide to not build on the tide pools. He wants to build the resort for his two kids to stay at when they are older.

And yeah!

PS: Here's a funny paraphrased excerpt of Kailey:

"If it says Phase One, there's got to be a Phase Two.", said Dad. "Phase Two, Commercial Cove Amusement Park! With noisy carnival music, rides, and "Step Right Up, Folks!" "And," said Mom, "There might be Phase Three! Commercial Cove Airport, with pollution in the air!"


QUESTION OF THE POST: Do you want/have Kailey?

ANSWER: Sadly, I don't. I am going to a garage sale next week, so I will be on the lookout for her.


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