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A non-profit organization in Nashville, Tennessee, called Amputee Blade Runners gave eight-year old Hannah Dembowczyk, a girl with a prosthetic leg, a custom-made American Girl doll with one. When I saw this story on the Internet, I felt like jumping for joy. The fact that somebody (or some organization) wanted to give a girl a doll with her disability that AG doesn't offer made me feel so happy inside. I really wish American Girl made a character doll with a disability. Here' s a picture:

This is so cool! I love the miniature prosthetic leg. I really wish American Girl made a character with one, or at least a customization option. I am currently in the process of developing a line of dolls with unique disabilities, and now I know for sure that one WILL have a prosthetic leg.

P.S: It's Tuesday, and you know what that means!

Comment Discussion Question: Do you think American Girl should offer dolls with prosthetic legs, preferably a BeForever or a Girl of the Year doll?

My Answer: Hands down, yes. It stinks having Type 1 Diabetes, and I felt so happy when American Girl released a diabetes kit. I jumped up and down when I heard the news. I'm pretty sure thousands of girls just like Hannah in this article will LOVE to have their doll customized and react like me when the diabetes kit released!


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