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Girl Of The Year (GOTY) 2018?

Let's admit it, I'm crazy to put my computer in the ring because it's 2016 and we know next-to-nothing about Tenney Grant (GOTY 2017). But I think it's a good idea because I can look back at this post when it's 2018 and see if I was accurate or not.

So, this post is all about Girl Of The Year 2018! We do not know her name yet, but here is my sort of guesses for her.

I think her books will be written by Mary Casanova, because she has written the books for Jess (2006), Chrissa (2009), McKenna (2012) and Grace (2015). If you do the math, that is every three years. 2018 will mark it as being 3 years since 2015 (funny to think about because I was just accidentally writing the year as 2015 a couple of weeks ago), so I think it would just be common sense for that to happen.

Speaking of patterns, I made a few collages of all of the GOTYs for the past 10 years in 2018 with even-numbered years.

As this graph suggests, all of the even-numbered year GOTYs have tended to have hazel eyes, with the exception of McKenna. If we decide to include McKenna and go out on a limb and say that GOTY '18 will have blue eyes, they tend to have fair colored eyes. Though there is a 20 percent chance of GOTY '18 having blue eyes.

The next (and final) collage has the even numbered yeared GOTY's hair colors. They normally range from red to blonde, but for non-leap even years, they are normally blond, while leap years are normally in the caramel range. Since this year (2016 if you are reading this in another year) was a leap year, she will most likely have blond hair,

And for the skin tone, it is light to olive. I'm going out on a limb and shouting "MEDIUM SKIN!", but that might be impossible considering Tenney is African-American. There is still a chance.

Also, for molds, there are two choices considering the collage: Classic or Josefina. I'm going with Classic because Grace and Lea both have the Josefina mold, and Tenney will most likely have the Sonali mold. But like I said, there is still a chance.

Here are my graphs of chances:





COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Where do you see yourself in 2018?

MY ANSWER: As a successful director. I'll be 13, whew!

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