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AGDN Exclusive: Lea To The Rescue Premiere!

The Lea To The Rescue movie premiere was on Monday! I found out from Maggie Elizabeth Jones' Instagram account. Maggie plays the role of Lea, if you just came here a second ago and have no clue what American Girl movies are. Here's a picture of Maggie with Laysla De Oliveira, who plays the role of Paula, at the premiere

If I knew where is was and when it was, I would have had full AGDN coverage that day. Lea To The Rescue comes out June 14 on DVD, but if you watch movies on Apple TV/Netflix/Redbox/Amazon Instant Video (which I know most of you do because I haven't seen a movie on DVD in years if you don't count the Samantha DVD I got for Christmas from my grandparents), the wait will be over for you on Tuesday! I will watch it right after school on Tuesday and review it for you guys.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the last movie you've seen? When did you see it?

MY ANSWER: I saw Zootopia a couple of days ago thanks to this handy dandy website called KissCartoon!

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