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Lea To The Rescue Is Out!

Lea To The Rescue (the annual Girl of the Year movie that started in 2012 with McKenna*) is out on Apple TV, Amazon Instant Video and other Digital HD stores! Sorry, it won't come out on Netflix until the DVD comes out in 2 weeks.

I will watch the movie when I get home from the high school car rider line (my sister is in 9th grade) and I will review it on here tonight! I have high hopes for this movie, considering the fact that it's only Amazon review right now is a 5 star one and it's directed by Nadia Tass (who directed two of my favorite American Girl movies!)!

Will you watch Lea To The Rescue?

*Yes, I am aware of the Chrissa movie, but the two dolls after that didn't get movies, so it wasn't an annual thing until McKenna.

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