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Girl With Prosthetic Leg Receives Doll Just Like Her- And Her Reaction Goes Viral!

"It's got a leg like me!"

-Emma Bennett, 2016

I've posted about a girl that received a doll with a prosthetic leg before, but here goes again. A 10 year old girl who has a prosthetic leg named Emma Bennett received an American Girl doll (I couldn't tell what number it was because the video was filmed in bad quality) and cried tears of joy when she realized that it had a leg like her! A company, One Step Ahead Prosthetics, costumized the doll to have a pink prosthetic leg. Her mom posted the video of her reaction on Facebook, and it has been viewed about 25 million times. Even the American Girl Facebook page shared it!

When I saw this video, I got reminded yet again why I wanted to make Sydney's Special Dolls. So that every girl with a disability can see herself as a doll. If I posted a video of my reaction to the American Girl diabetes care kit, then you would need earplugs. So I didn't post it.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your favorite Sydney's Special Doll so far? (Those 4 were not all of them, I am taking your ideas to mind!)

MY ANSWER: Probably Katrina! But, then again. she's basically me in doll form with a different hair color. If Katrina didn't exist then my favorite would be Marie.

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