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Yes, you are seeing the title right! You don't need glasses! I am going to make a real American Girl world using Scratch (the program I used to make 2 of the 3 games on my site). It would be like Innerstar University (which sadly closed on November 6, 2015 at 1 am eastern time), but more fun! You wouldn't need separate accounts for dolls, and you could activate Historicals and Girl of the Years, too! The best part- you can do more stuff than on the current American Girl world!

So, when is it coming out?

It is coming out on...... drumroll, please.......


Why July 22?

July 22 of last year was the worst day of my life. I got diagnosed with diabetes that day. But, my mom says that I should celebrate on July 22, and what better way to do it then release a new movie AND a new virtual game!


-The New American Girl World will be a page on this site. It won't be on another website.

-When the New American Girl World launches, then I will get rid of the link to the current one on My First World. Then, I will give the people signed up for the current one a week to transfer before the current one shuts down on July 29, 2016 around 6 am EST.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you want sneak peeks of the new American Girl world? MY ANSWER: No comment.

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