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The SM Network Awards Are Up!!!!

You might be looking forward to tomorrow because of the SM Network Awards 2016. But, because I was feeling happy today, I decided to post it a day early!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION 1: Did what you voted for win?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION 2: Tomorrow's the last day of school, and I am going to bring a doll to school because it will be my last chance (middle school next year), so who should I bring? (My dolls are on my blog header, click the picture of the doll you want me to bring, see the name and comment the name) My friend's bringing Cecile, so I don't want to bring a similar doll.

MY ANSWER FOR 1: I didn't vote so I could make it fair (there were no ties this year, thank goodness)

MY ANSWER FOR 2: I don't have a preference.

P.S: I did a great job on my speech at school today! I got a standing ovation.

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