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A Story By Third-Grade Me About The SM Network!

Yesterday, my mom was cleaning out the drawers and found a story I wrote in third grade for school. When she gave it to me, I thought, "Oh, great, a cheesy story." Then, I looked at the cover again. It was a yellow construction paper cover with the words "Play-date with Madison" on it. Then, I thought, "What play date is this? Me and Madison had a gazillion play dates over the past few years." I opened the book, and after scanning the book, I saw that the story was about the day we filmed our first video on the SM Network channel, as well as a Minion video I deleted a year later due to Dad interrupting our video with "What Does The Fox Say?", written the day after it happened. So, I decided to share it with you. I made a few comments today, and they are in parentheses.

Play-date With Madison

By me 2 Years and a Half ago

Yesterday (January 5, 2014), I had a play date with my best friend, Madison. When she arrived, we hugged. We didn't see each other since Winter Break started. First, I showed Madison my new Olaf plush toy. It talked and sang! (Funny, because I just found the toy yesterday when I was cleaning out a closet) Then, we filmed a Minion video and put it on YouTube! (It's now gone.) After, we did the same thing with American Girl dolls. Finally, we watched and laughed out loud! (Looking back, those videos were awful, not funny.)


COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's the most embarrassing elementary school writing piece you've ever written?

MY ANSWER: A year before Play-date With Madison was written, I did not have a clue to write a poem that rhymed, so I stole lyrics from a Taylor Swift song (I forget what song it was). Don't tell Taylor Swift, she'll sue me!

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