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Different was supposed to come out tomorrow all along. But, my friends got into a mid pre-production crisis and I pushed it back to July 22. But, I'm pushing it forward again to tomorrow because I finished just in time!

Now, you might be like, "Hey, Sydney, when on June 21 will Different come out?" (I put June 21st because someone might be in a different country where it is June 21 and I want to be politically correct) Well, it will be up at midnight Eastern time! For my non-Eastern time amigos, here is a converter you can use to see when Different will be up where you live!


COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What time will Different be up where you live?

MY ANSWER: You already know.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION NUMBER 2: Add a heart to your comment if you are staying up for the release of Different!

MY ANSWER FOR 2: No heart. I'm going on a plane to see family on Friday, and I have to wake up at 4 am on Friday, so I'm trying to wake up early. But I am staying up for the Wellie Wisher release!

DISCLAIMER: I do not live in New York City like the converter says. Charlotte wasn't a choice, so I had to do New York City because it's the same time zone.

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