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New Release!

Hi guys! Sorry that I didn't stay up, I ended up sleeping at 10 pm.(Hey, at least I finished a part of the New American Girl World!) But, I can tell that I did good from my Instagram feed of "this is taking forever" posts. I'm really impatient. Every item I was the first to leak in this release, I'll put (hehehe) before my review. So, let's start with the new Wellie Wishers!

Each Wellie Wisher doll costs $60. There is free shipping available until July 31 for all of this stuff, too. I probably won't get a Wellie Wisher, but if I did, I'd choose Willa.

American Girl made girl sized socks and wellies. I'm so happy, because these are coming at a time where I need new socks. AND THERE IN MY SIZE!(I'm still a one in shoes) I'll probably get the Ladybug ones because of the Best TV Show On The Planet (Miraculous Ladybug).

I don't want to dedicate the rest of the review to the Wellie Wishers (I usually only do the 18 inch dolls anyway), so now we'll fast forward to Truly Me!

Pomeranian Puppy PJs- $24

(hehehe) I LOVE THESE! I'll probably get these in the next few weeks of Saturday morning AG store shopping.

Ombre Ballet Outfit- $34

(hehehe) I love this outfit, too! But I hate the fact that they still haven't released a baking set for Truly Me. Waaa! If Isabelle behaves herself on my trip to New York, then I might ask for it for Christmas.

Skeleton Outfit- $34

I think this is the best costume American Girl ever made. Now Summer (my #44 doll) thinks that she should wear it for Halloween. I'm SO getting it!

Truly Me made a Mix and Match collection (because now girls might not remember that Isabelle had one, but I do!) with 15 different outfit pieces (more than Isabelle's Mix and Match collection).

Hooded Denim Jacket- $14

I do believe this is cute, but it's a bit overpriced in my opinion. Who would pay $14 for a doll jacket? I'll wait until this goes on sale, or ask Santa for it.

Pretty Plaid Shirt- $12

OMG A DOLL FLANNEL YAY! but the price tag is not yay. I'll ask for this for Christmas. Boy, Christmas is 6 months and 2 days away and I'm already making my list!

Kitten Sweater- $12

This sweater is, um, interesting. Not every 10 year old girl I know wears pink kitten sweaters to school. I won't buy this even if it's on sale.

Indigo Bubble Dress- $14

This is awesome! All I need to do is cut the pink bow off and it will be the best outfit ever. I don't care that it's overpriced.

Star Quilt Skirt- $10

Finally, something that isn't $12 or $14! Wahoo! I'm ready for Christmas!

Purple Play Shorts- $10

It's like the American Girl designers had a meeting and said, "Hey, let's make this release impress that American Girl Doll News girl." Because I'm loving basically everything! Including this!

Coral Skinny Pants- $12

Hey, AG! I already have pants like these. It's called "the ones from Julie's Tunic Outfit and Isabelle's Funky Leggings". Bye!

Playful Print Skirt- $10

I need to get this ASAP. It's perfection.

Side-Cinch Tank- $10

If American Girl is going to keep doing cute fashion, then they really should. I would buy this and the girl version for me if the dress code for middle school wasn't "no tank tops". Who cares. I'll still the doll version.

Silver-Print Cat Tee- $10

(hehehe) This is awesome! OK, I loved this since it leaked last week. But, now, it's better because the sparkles are gone! YAY!

Indigo And Dot Leggings- $12

The best deal on the planet. Bravo, AG. It would be better if you had a sale!

Now, let's get to FURNITURE!

Adventure Pop-Up Camper- $185

I don't see a need for this in my house. Well, if you missed out on Lanie's amazing camper, than you can get it. But I have Lanie's camper. I'm good.

Adventure Campfire Set- $42

Now this is what I want! A perfect addition to the camper!

Adventure Sleeping Bag- $28

A sleeping bag for $28? Last time the camper was out, it came with it. No, thank you.

Trundle Bed And Bedding Set- $100

Didn't American Girl just release a bed? I'm Not Getting This Even If It's On Sale!


COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Why can't you wait for the new and improved AGW?

MY ANSWER: I can't wait for you guys to see it! It's awesome!

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