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Sydney's Special Dolls- REVEAL!

I said the reveal would be up during the afternoon, but it's around 7 pm right now. I thought we got a earlier showtime for Finding Dory (it was awesome, by the way- review coming in a day or two), but it was a 3:50 pm one and there were a lot of trailers plus a short before the movie, so it started around 4 and we didn't get out until 5:45. After a series of circumstances, including a high blood sugar and a stomach ache, here I am, typing this at 8 pm.

Let's start with the familiar four- now with drawings by me!

Meet Katrina- a type 1 diabetic with stars in her eyes. No, she doesn’t want to be an actress. She wants to be a wealthy director with Best Director Oscars and top tens off all time at the box office. Even though there has never, ever been a type 1 diabetic director, she is willing to try and keep her type 1 diabetes down. She likes to practice with her dolls, looks forward to spring, winter and summer breaks so she can make big productions, and always injects a message in her films. But then, she discovers that her movies could spread tons of awareness about her disease.

Meet Marie- (brown hair, side bangs, hazel eyes, medium skin)- a girl with Asperger's syndrome with one dream- to become the first female president of the USA. She originally wanted to paint the White House pink when she was younger, but now she really wants to make a real difference. She writes 100 page essays on stopping poverty, gives rousing speeches to the city, and already is president of the student council. She wants to make the world a better place, even though her Asperger’s makes the little things get her.. But then, she discovers that sometimes, other people have good ideas too, and you don’t have to be the leader all of the time.

Meet Cecilia- (brown hair, brown eyes, light skin)- a girl with Celiac disease who wants to be a chef. She likes cooking dishes that relate to her Italian heritage, like pizzas and pastas- too bad she can’t have any. Because of her Celiac disease, she can’t taste what she makes, so she hired her two-year old brother, Alfred for the taste-testing job. She just loves the feeling of cooking a new dish, whether if it’s for her parents, Alfred, her best friend Kenzie or a crowd full of relatives on a summer family reunion. But soon, she discovers some wheat substitutes so everyone can enjoy what she makes- Cecilia included.

Meet Virginia- (blond hair, full bangs, blue eyes, light skin)- a girl who loves to run, bike- just about every activity that isn’t sitting and watching TV. But a diagnosis of dysautonomia changes Virginia’s life- because she has to keep from getting dizzy, she has to cut down on her activity. Just when all hope is lost, Virginia soon realizes that she can build her way back up to where she used to be and take care of herself.

Now, let's meet our six newbies for the first time- some of them are inspired by your ideas (and I'll say thanks at the end of the bio!)

Meet Amanda- (brown hair, hazel eyes, dark skin, freckles)- a girl who, even though she wears a little pink (the only pink in the collection!), is a football lover through and through! She dreams to be the first girl on the NFL, but then a sudden diagnosis of asthma changes Amanda's happy life. Now, some boys bully her for wheezing after playing a lot, and Amanda develops a sudden fear of gym class. Then, she discovers that there's always a first for everything- including playing football with asthma. (Thanks katiet/diversedollies for the idea!)

Meet May (no hair, light skin, blue eyes, one freckle)- a girl who has been fighting cancer for a year when her book starts. She loves making things to give to other patients stuck in the hospital, and aspires to be an entrepreneur. Her dad is well-off and works at a Fortune 500 company, so May could get the treatment she needed- at least it seemed like it. Suddenly, the hospital loses tons of money and has to close down. Just as everyone starts saying goodbye, May realizes that she could make more handmade gifts to sell and turn it into a business to save the hospital and pay for other people’s expensive treatments.

Meet Emma (dirty blond hair, light skin, brown eyes)- a girl with a limb difference who loves science. She makes prosthetic limbs with her 3D printer- like the blue one she has, studies cures for other diseases and wants to be a medical scientist when she grows up. When a science contest comes around, Emma's first thought is to join. But when she finds out that the science contest officials plan to announce the president of the National Science Club's spoiled, rich daughter as the winner just because she begged her dad to win the million dollar prize, Emma decides to try to get the real winner announced, and if it's her, donate the prize to find a cure for birth defects so that no other babies get only one arm.

Meet Britney (red hair, full bangs, olive skin *I tried*, green eyes)- a girl who's partial paralysis in her legs doesn't stop her from doing what she loves- checking out nature and loving it. She thinks that there's some people in the world who like nature as much as she does, but a announcement that the community will get rid of the nature preserve for a money-making resort gets rid of Britney's optimism. She tries to protest, but then after a setback, she realizes that the worst disappointments will spark more creativity. (Thanks for the idea, Fiona!)

Meet Penny (brown hair, medium skin, blue and green eyes)- a girl with heterochromia iridum that is very artistic. No, not the painting way. She likes to design buildings and restore old things- basically, give a new lease on life to everything. Penny believes that everything has a second chance. But when she finds a dog with type 1 diabetes on the street, it's so complicated learning about how to take care of him, until a trip reminds her that everything has a second chance- including Lucky the diabetic dog. (Thanks for the idea, Madee!)

Meet Joy (blond hair, light skin, green eyes, birthmark)- a girl with spina bifida who is what her name suggests- a joy to have around. She thinks she is not talented compared to all of the models and actresses in magazines- but a miraculous visit to the beach gets her to experience something that was not possible before, boogie boarding. She loves it, and is inspired to try to get other kids with spina bifida to experience boogie boarding as well. (Thanks for the idea, Maddie!)

So, that's it! Well, I am starting with 5 dolls from this bunch and releasing the other 5 over the next 5 years (1 every year). You get to pick who the first 5 are and who will be the first doll to be released over the 5 year period! The poll will be on the Vote page.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Now that you've seen the rest, who's your favorite Sydney's Special Doll?

MY ANSWER: I love all of them!

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