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We did it, guys! Half of 2016 is over! Half!

Lea's been the GOTY for a half-year now!


July 22- One year of living with The Beast Pancreas (aka getting diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes) and the release of American Girl World 2.0!

July 31- Two years of Power BFFs (my first movie!)

Mid to late August- GOTY 2017's book descriptions probably leak

Late August- Melody (and maybe Truly Me holiday stuff) FINALLY comes out!

August 29- I go back to school (aw, man!)

October 1- Two years of the first Anita Stops The Bullying

October 31- Halloween

November 1- The holiday season begins!

November 6- One year of Anita Stops The Bullying 2

ALL of November- Diabetes Awareness Month!

November 23- MOANA COMES OUT! (I can't wait to see Moana, don't judge)

November 24- Thanksgiving

Around Sale Weekend (aka Black Friday, two days and then Cyber Monday)- The mini doll of GOTY 2017 will probably leak!

First or Second Week of December: Ring the bells! The 18 inch version of GOTY 2017 will leak!

December 21: WINTER BREAK STARTS! (And Sing comes out, too- another movie I can't wait to see)

December 25: Christmas!

December 31: Lea's last day. (AKA the day I bawl my eyes out because 9 year old children get the GOTY before me)

So, we have a exciting last half of 2016!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Favorite memory from the first half of 2016?

MY ANSWER: Getting my name called as Best Elementary Film in the film festival I submitted Lindsey: An American Girl Story in.

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