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Remember when AG Rewards popped up on Trademarkia back in April? Well, this new rewards system, as of today at 1 am Eastern time, is in place! Whoo!

I know that my parents and grandparents will be so happy about this- every year all of the stuff on my Christmas list is American Girl stuff. They probably will save hundreds of dollars with this! I'm happy too because when I go to the AG store to get Melody, I'll get some extra coupons I can use to buy GOTY 2017 stuff. But I know that the person most happy about this is Santa Claus! He probably spends millions of dollars at AG every year.

How it works is that you earn one point for every dollar you spend and you get a $10 off coupon for every 200 points.

And, there are special perks, too! Here they are:

The two perks I'm most excited about are:

1- The birthday gift for me every year. Wahoo!

2- Exclusive sneak peeks. Watch out, American Girl, I'm gonna leak them!

And there are three different levels of perks. Here they are:

I don't know why, but I have a funny feeling that me and Dad will get to the Berry level in no time.

So, welcome to my life, AG Rewards!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: After Lindsey performed lackluster, American Girl pulled her from sale early and gave the rest of the Lindsey dolls away to employees and charities.


MY ANSWER: Both, in different ways. Lea looks prettier, but Grace had a better story. (And she didn't disobey in her movie at all like Lea did. I watched the Lea movie again and changed my mind about it.)

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