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18 Inch Wellie Wishers?

When I was swooning over the new Wellie Wishers from American Girl (Yes, I know the name of the line is all one word, but I'm a grammar freak so it will remain two over here), I thought that each Wellie Wisher looked like a different Truly Me doll. I could purchase those 5 dolls so I wouldn't have to start collecting a different size of dolls! I'll share with you the 5 dolls that could be 18 inch stand-ins for the real 14.5 inch dolls, and if I win the lottery tonight, I'll actually get them!

Emerson's Truly Me doll is Just Like You 54. Both dolls have black hair with bangs, brown eyes and light skin. I know that #54 would be the close-to-perfect match for Emerson, but if I win the 500 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot (since I can't play the lottery, my dad entered), I'd get...

Just Like You 4 as Emerson! (aka Ellie from Basilmentos) Just Like You #4 was retired in 2011 and was the only doll with her face mold. I don't know why, but the JLY #4 mold screams "Wellie Wisher!" more to me than the Jess mold.

Next is Willa, my favorite Wellie Wisher.

You guys helped me decide what doll looked more like Willa, #33 or #61. While Willa and #61 share the same eye color, her hair is too dark to be Willa, so #33 won by fan vote! Even though her eyes are the wrong color, her hair is perfect! All I need to do is add freckles and BAM! Willa!


Next is Ashlyn. I love Ashlyn because she looks like a Truly Me doll that I've been wanting for a year now but can't find on eBay...

THE RETIRED #2! #2 was retired in 2012. They are a perfect match. Just look! If only she wasn't retired... if she wasn't retired, I would probably already have her. Just keep searching eBay, searching eBay, searching eBay, eBay, eBay!

Next is Camille. You guys probably know who this is going to be (hint: be and the last digit of her number rhyme) , but...

It's obvious, it's #63! When I saw Camille for the first time back in February, I thought, "She looks like number 63 as a five year old!" I think that's what everyone else thought, too.

Last, but not least, is my second favorite Wellie Wisher, Kendall! I put them in the same order that they are in the cover of the new catalog that is sitting on my blogging and leaking desk, so this is not order of preference. Here goes!

I decided that #58 (aka Gabby from Basilmentos) looks the most like Kendall. I considered #46 for a bit, but then I opted out because A. she's retired, B. she might be remodeled into Tenney, Logan, Gabi, whoever GOTY 2017 is (I still think it's going to be Tenney but it might be Logan or Gabi or Della or Barbara) and C: It looks like #58 and Kendall have the same wig.

So, if you made it to the end of this really long post, congrats! I'll be posting 2 AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIAS in this post, plus 2 COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTIONS that you can choose from? AG TRIVIA #1: The short lived Girls of Many Lands dolls from American Girl were sculpted by Helen Kish.

AG TRIVIA #2: Even though Jess before her and every GOTY after her got pajamas, Nicki did not get pajamas.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: What's in the area where your computer/phone/iPad is in?

MY ANSWER #1: My mouse (my computer touchpad doesn't work, but I use it to scratch like a DJ when leaking gets hard), my diabetes stuff (shoutout to my mom, she forgot to check my blood sugar last night and now it's at the 300s), my phone, the new AG catalog, a $50 gift card to my local mall that has a AG store and, of course, water for leaking!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: Are you asking for a doll for Christmas?

MY ANSWER #2: If my plan to get Melody and then not get another new doll until Christmas works (my dad likes to randomly give me dolls as seen with Jade), then yes! In fact, I have like, 10 dolls on my list and my parents will have to choose one. But, knowing Dad, I might get 2 or 3, though I doubt it.

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