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New Truly Me American Girl Salon Chair, Center and Set!

Much in the style of the new Truly Me kitchen, a mall that is going to have an American Girl temporary store has accidentally leaked a new American Girl salon chair, and AGDN has the scoop first!

American Girl Doll Salon Chair, American Girl Doll Salon Center, American Girl Doll Sa

This photo is a mix of old and new stuff. The dolls are all old, but the salon chair, cape and center is ALL NEW!

I am so proud of myself for randomly browsing the American Girl Facebook page and finding this big scoop. The American Girl fandom will go to my site like crazy! VIEWS!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl had a doll hospital since the company started.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you ever had to send a doll to the Doll Hospital, and did you have to ever go to the real hospital?

MY ANSWER: I haven't had to send a doll to the hospital, but I have gone to the real hospital twice! (Once when I was 7 for a really bad strep throat, and once when I was 10 for my diabetes diagnosis.)


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