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American Girl Doll New Releases From The AGP Charlotte!- Truly Me

8 days ago, I (or Dad, because I can't drive yet) finally got myself over to the AGP Charlotte so I could take pictures of the new releases from American Girl. Even though the American Girl store was 4th of July weekend crowded, I got to take photos easily even though a few mothers questioned what I was doing. So, without further ado, THE PHOTOS!

This is the Truly Me stuff only. I did take some pictures of the Wellie Wishers, but there were a few toddlers running around that area so most of them were blurry. When I come to the AGP again I'll take better photos of the Wellie Wishers.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: With the exception of the January 1st release, all AG stuff comes out on Thursdays.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite AG store visit? If you haven't been to one, then what's your favorite vacation?

MY ANSWER: My favorite time I went to the American Girl store was when I got Grace and the manager quizzed me on American Girl. That was awesome!

P.S: Someone joined the Melody Release Team who will be covering the Boston/Natick store! Please email to sign up. Charlotte, Boston and Houston are now taken!

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