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I still can't believe it in my mind. In just seven short days, I will be a type 1 diabetic for one whole year. If you want to know more about what type 1 diabetes is than Me, My Camera and Diabetes teaches you (I only put limited info in so I wouldn't make you guys fall asleep), click Camila's name.

The title of this post is Presents, so you might assume that I'm getting presents for my diaversary (a type 1 diabetic term for a diabetes diagnosis anniversary), right? Wrong. Instead, I am going to go to the same exact hospital I got diagnosed at and give out presents to the kids. Even though I am giving all of the physical stuff to people who need it more than me, I want one virtual gift from you guys.

Not a doll.

Not a billion coins on American Girl World.

Not a American Girl gift card.

I want to get 1000 views on my movie, Different, before my diaversary on July 22. It has 922 right now, so I need 78 more to get to my goal. So, what do you do? Watch it again for me! Run it in the background of what you are doing (that still counts as a view, as long as it's not automated)! Get 1, 10 or a football stadium of friends over to your house, tell them to bring their phones, and watch the movie together! Even watch it while you are playing Pokemon Go (I don't have Pokemon Go, but I like the concept of getting outside and exploring. I might make a doll version!)

If we hit 1000 views by my diaversary, I will take drastic measures to leak GOTY 2017's story! (Which I can't say what measures so American Girl will take me seriously.)

UPDATE: WE'RE 10 VIEWS AWAY! Well, we hit 1000, but YouTube is being a sloth on counting the views.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: There was no Girl of the Year mini dolls until Saige.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I make a AG doll version of Pokemon Go?

P.S: Wahoo! Post #350!

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