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2016 29th Annual American Girl Benefit Sale for Madison Children's Museum Sale Sunday Prices!

There must've been a zillion doll lovers in Madison today, because not much is left! Quite a few items are sold out, but the leftovers are probably going to be sold out tomorrow because the dolls are going to be CHEAPER than they were today, including a 75% price drop on Truly Me dolls!

I was lazy, so I just saved the list on my computer so I could put it here.

Sunday, July 17 | Markdown Sale


Bitty Baby or Twin $25 (Limit 1)

Historical Dolls $60 ( Limit 1)

Girl of the Year $75 ( Limit 3 of Grace and 3 of Isabelle)

Caroline $75 ( Limit 1)

Truly Me $35 (Limit 8)


Salon Chair $25 ( Limit 1)

Table & Chair $45 ( Limit 1)

Saige Bracelets $1

Charm Necklace $1

Truly Me Outfits 1/2 price off marked (Limit 2)


Historical Outfit 1/2 price off marked (Limit 1)

Ivy Accessories $2 (Limit 10)

Rebecca Jacket $2 ( Limit 10)


Girl's Clothing 1/2 price off marked


Bitty Baby Starter $35 ( Limit 2)

Bitty Baby Outfits 1/2 price off marked ( Limit 2)

Bitty Baby Other 1/2 price off marked (Limit 2)


Bitty Baby or Girl of the Year Books 1/2 price off marked (Limit 1)

Paper Dolls $1

Activity Sets $1

Other books priced as marked

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The Benefit Sale has been happening since 1987, the year after American Girl was founded.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are you doing tomorrow?

MY ANSWER: Going to the Benefit Sale! Just kidding! I'm actually seeing The Secret Life Of Pets tomorrow. I hope it's good!

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