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New Shoes!

I found these new shoes on huaclub_1984's eBay account.

They are really cute, but I want to see the outfit they come with before deciding to buy them. If they are stand-alone, I would buy it on sale.

Here's the side view:


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Even though bangs were not fashionable in Kirsten's time, Kirsten got bangs because Samantha and Molly (the other members of the Original Three) had them.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you lost any American Girl items before?

MY ANSWER: YES! The majority of them I (er, my sister) lost during the move to North Carolina from Long Island, NY. We lost Sugar, we lost Coconut, we lost Nicki's Ranch Outfit (except for one boot), and too much more to remember!

WHAT'S TO COME ON AGDN: Review of The Secret Life Of Pets!

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