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American Girl Camp!

I am currently helping at an American Girl summer camp. The girls there are very nice and sweet, and they love how I like dolls even though I'm 11. I decided to post about my favorites of the fun activities the girls have been doing over the last 2 days so you can try them at home, too!

The Name Game: Get all of the people playing in a circle. The person who goes first will say her/his name and then strike a pose, and then all of the people in the circle will do the same pose and say the person's name. Repeat with all of the people in the circle.

Make Doll Cakes: You can make doll cakes out of cut up kitchen sponges! Use glitter glue for icing. You can also make cookies! Cut out felt circles and use marker dots to be chocolate chips.

What fun crafts have you done with your dolls this summer?

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