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Truly Me Holiday Pajamas!

The Truly Me holiday pajamas just leaked! Let's see what they look like:

Oh! All of this just, well, clashes!

These are the same red hair ties from last year's Playful Polar Bear Pajamas.

I like the pants. American Girl has never made penguin-themed holiday PJs before! At least it's not another polar bear or reindeer set!

The shirt looks like it could be a sports jersey, but then people see the penguin by the number.


Overall, I think all of this clashes. But I will still get it, because it has a lot of mix-and-match potential. I can use the Polar Bear Pajamas from 2013 top and the penguin bottom, and basically any regular pants with the shirt!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What outfit is any doll in your collection wearing right now?

MY ANSWER: Nicki is wearing the Ombre Ballet dress with the Truly Me meet flats.

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