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Temporary Store In...

There has been conformation of a new American Girl temporary store! And it is located in....


It will be in the Crabtree Valley Mall. The grand opening will be on October 1, 2016 and will remain open until January 31, 2017. Here is an excerpt from the Triangle Business Journal about the grand opening:

"The store will begin distributing tickets one hour before store opening on Saturday for as many customers as its managers estimate it can accommodate per day. It will be the same process for Oct. 2. Each child visiting the store will also receive a complimentary gift while supplies last."

Hoyle, Amanda. "American Girl to Open Store in Raleigh's Crabtree Mall for Holidays." Triangle Business Journal. N.p., 02 Aug. 2016. Web. 04 Aug. 2016.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Where's your nearest AG store?

MY ANSWER: Charlotte. I'm going to AGP Atlanta on Saturday!

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