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Yes. You are reading the title right. Melody's whole collection just leaked! Here it is:

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I LOVE MELODY! Can't we all just sing a appreciation song for Melody? I'm standing in line for her!

The accessories are $24. They are cute, but are pricey for what you get. Who would pay $6 just for a civil rights campaign button? Because each item is worth $6.

Melody's Fancy Floral Dress is $34. I love this dress! It's my favorite out of her collection. I might get it a random time at the AG store because I saved up for something special (besides Melody).

Melody's Hairstyling Set is $22. It is way overpriced. I mean, who would pay almost $7 for a tiny little bow? AG is overpriced these days. I might make a custom with the wig when I get older, though.

Melody's Recording Studio is (drumroll, please)..................................... $250! It's way cheaper than I expected. But I have good news about this product! Between a AG gift card I got for graduating elementary school and my own savings, I have saved up enough money to buy the Melody doll AND the recording studio! I am so happy!

Melody's Microphone Set is $38. It is a bit pricey for what you get. I know that little kids would have fun with it, but it looks plastic to me! Pass.

Melody's Electric Piano is $48. Again, looks cheap. Pass.

Melody's Pajamas are $24. I. HAVE. A. WEAKNESS. FOR. DOLL. PAJAMAS. Christmas list time!

Melody's Dog, Bo is $22. I think Bo is cute, but I have too many doll pets. Pass.

Melody's Bed And Bedding is $95. I don't like the bedding, but that's all Melody could afford. Way to go for historical accuracy, AG! I won't get it, though.

Melody's Bedroom Accessories are $45. Me wants this. (looks at price) Me wants this for Christmas.

Melody's Play Outfit is $28. I don't like this outfit. It's atrocious.

Melody's Table And Chairs is $85. I like the lime colors of the table and chairs, but it looks like plastic. The bad type of plastic. Pass.

Melody's Block Party Set is $68. It is very expensive and pricey. I'm pretty sure Melody (the character) wouldn't be able to afford this! Pass.

Melody's Christmas Outfit is $34. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Christmas list!

Melody's Fancy Coat is $34. AG has always been pricey, but this is the extreme- a coat, gloves and a hat for $34? Pass.

And, last but not least, Melody's Travel Essentials is $48. I love it! Melody's trip to Alabama was really crucial to her story. I might not get it, though.

If you made it to the end, a cookie for you!

What's your favorite part about Melody's collection? Mine is her recording studio?

Between this post and my last post, my fingers are tired and my knees are hot. But it's worth it!

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