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Holiday 2016 Release Prices!

These are the prices for the Holiday 2016 release. The Melody stuff is in the post "Melody's Whole Collection". I found these out while looking closely at a Wacky Wafflez video, where she went to one of the two temporary stores that are now selling Melody and the Holiday 2016 release.

The Holiday Penguin Pajamas are $24.

The Christmas Eve Set is $32.

The Lasanga Dinner Set is $24.

The Waffle Breakfast Set is $24.

The Dining Table And Chairs is $85.

The Kitchen (not official name) is $225.

Maryellen's Strawberry Outfit is $26.

Maryellen's Fridge and Food Set is $150.

Maryellen's Holiday Party Dress is $36.

Josefina's Festival Outfit is $32.

Josefina's Navidad Outfit is $34.

That's all that was in the video!

Does anyone have questions for me to answer during the Melody Live Stream?

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