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Melody Puzzle!

First, how many of you stayed off electronics all day yesterday? Not me! I failed a challenge that I started! UGH!

On another note, there is only ONE MORE DAY until Melody comes out! Well, there's exactly a year until Nanea, the Hawaiian BeForever doll, comes out, but Melody's release is WAY closer. So, to entertain you while you wait, I made a puzzle of Melody that can ONLY be played on this post! Here it is:

On a unrelated note, it has been confirmed by @pinkaglover on Instagram that AGDN has been mixing up the numbers for the new Truly Me dolls that are set to come out tomorrow! The doll that resembles Josefina is #66 and the doll that resembles Emily is #65.

Have fun playing!

P.S: Due to demand by AGDancer, American Girl Trivia is back!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Melody is set to be the 100th American Girl doll. 14 Girl of the Years plus 66 Truly Me dolls plus 15 Historical Characters plus 7 Best Friends equals 102 dolls.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Ask me questions for the Melody Release Live Stream, happening tomorrow at 8:30 Eastern time!

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