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Melody Release Team- Houston

Kailey sent in her pictures for the Melody Release Team from her local store, Houston. Please do not reuse these pictures without Kailey's permission. Thanks!

This is a photo of two Melody dolls in her bed and her table and chairs.

This is a display of a Melody doll with her microphone and piano. This display reminds me of the cover of the book "Never Stop Singing".

Meet outfits for girls! I won't get it for myself because the top and skirt clash. A lot.

Here's the craft table for Melody's Summer Block Party! The events weren't going on when I went to my local store, Charlotte, so I didn't get to take pictures of the craft table.

Melody's whole collection! It looks like there were quite a few Melodys sold.

Melody's microphone set and accessories, featuring terrible lighting! I know it's not Kailey's fault. It's the AG store's fault.

Melody's awesome recording studio! Featuring Addy's only section of the store and a random dad who had no clue he'd be on AGDN.

The FOOD TABLE! My Kit doll's dream! THE FOOD TABLE! Plus, the server had AGDN-awareness! Hooray!

A photo for the Lift Your Voice campaign.

Last, but not least, Melody's bedtime set!

Thanks for these photos from the Houston store, Kailey! I will post my photos from the Charlotte store later this week. It's hard getting photos off my phone.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Addy has been around for the longest time out of the BeForever dolls without being archived- twenty three years in September.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your least favorite doll?

MY ANSWER: Nobody! But I don't like how #22 and #27 are almost identical.

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