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How To Create A Girl Of The Year- Participate In The GOTY Selection Process!

We all know that American Girl has been repeating old ideas lately. One reason why is because they are just lazy. Maybe aliens abducted the American Girl headquarters or something? But the most logical reason is that all of the target-age American Girl fans answer boring, uncreative answers to American Girl's polls and stuff. When American Girl thinks up doll ideas 3 or 4 years before they actually come out, they look at those and see that "Oh! Girls like international travel. Girls like the Olympics. Girls like animals. So let's kill three birds with one stone and create Lea! We're obviously copying Jess! How brilliant are we?" So I came up with an method for us to share our ideas of dolls with American Girl! It might not be until 2019 or 2020 that our ideas hit the shelves, but hey- the future is better than nothing, right?

Method 1: Participate in American Girl's Weekly Polls on the Play page.

On American Girl's Play page, they release a Weekly Poll every Thursday. Click on the answer that you want a future GOTY to have, and try to get other people to vote for that, too!

Create A Girl of The Year, Girl of the Year 2017, Girl of the Year Creator

I selected "Using new school supplies". It's about time American Girl makes a doll who's main hobby is math or something!

Create A Girl of The Year, Girl of the Year 2017, Girl of the Year Creator

See how all the 8/9 year old target girls click the same old a