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How To Get More Stations On Melody's Radio!

Today, I got Melody's Bedroom Accessories from the American Girl store. And let me just say this, all of the pieces were eh. Except for one.

The radio.


But the problem is, since I live in a small-ish town, there's not that many stations to choose. I only get a couple from the city. These are the list of channels I get on Melody's radio:

  • A boring talk station (three times!)

  • A pop station (YAY!)

  • A opera station (UGH!)

  • A EDM station (in bad quality, ugh!)

  • Kiss 95.1 (YASS!)

  • A rock station (twice, not my taste)

  • A station in so bad quality that I couldn't tell the genre

  • A Christian station

  • Another bad quality station

  • A oldies station

  • A station in commercial

  • Another rock station

  • A football station

  • A station in Spanish

  • Another country station

  • YAY! A pop station!

There's only 16 stations, and only a couple are good! So, here's the way to get more stations on Melody's radio (or any radio, for that matter)

Here's the one easy trick to get more stations: PUT THE RADIO ON TOP OF SOMETHING! I put it on top of a sideways tissue box. Here's the list of stations I got after I did this trick:

  • A opera station

  • A pop station

  • A opera station (AGAIN)

  • A country station

  • Another pop station

  • A rock station

  • Kiss 95.1

  • Another pop station

  • A station in commercial

  • Another pop station

  • A sports station

  • Another rock station

  • Another opera station

  • A rap station

  • A R&B station

  • A oldies station

  • Another country station

  • Another oldies station

  • A Spanish station

  • A talk station

  • Another pop station

This simple trick got me 5 extra stations!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The winner of Best Accessory from American Girl (according to us) is Melody's radio!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What type of music do you like best?


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