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American Girl Is Heading To Kohl's!

American Girl is going everywhere! First Toy's R Us, now Kohl's, what's next? CVS Harmacy? (You don't get that joke if you didn't watch my Melody Release live stream).

Lea, her outfits and the Wellie Wishers will be sold at Kohl's stores across the country starting October 3, 2016. This is great news for me because I live only a couple seconds away from a Kohl's! There is no more details, but there are going to be no discounts. But my Nana has all the Kohl's cash in the world!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Felicity's name was originally going to be Lucy.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the most tears you shed over dolls?

MY ANSWER: When I was watching Good Morning America last year during the Lea reveal when all of the girls were getting their Lea dolls. It just makes me sad seeing all those girls taking the free dolls for granted when there are poor people who could use them. I also cried with Felicity in my arms when Basilmentos said that she was leaving for college.

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